Registrations for UIDC 2020-2021 are now open. If you are interested in participating in UIDC 2020-2021, you are welcome to fill in the non-binding contact form below and we will contact you. If you are a student team, you can also send your project proposal directly to:

Please make sure to include:

– Your contact info

– The name of your university and program

– The name of your sponsor/potential

– A short project description

* All teams must have a paying sponsor, but you do not have to have a sponsor at the time of the application. The UIDC organization can assist teams in locating suitable sponsors.

Common questions

Yes, you can apply while locating potential sponsors. The UIDC organzation can also help teams with connections and support in finding a sponsor.

Yes, you can. Sponsors can be divided into paying sponsors and collborative sponsors. E.g. your city can be a collaborative sponsor, while the fee is covered by another entity with interest in funding differet kinds of development projects, such as the World Bank. Please contact us and we will help you.

You can expect a total committment of about 4-6 hours of interviews and meetings. You are of course welcome to participate more but it is not necessary. 

Yes, fill in your contact info below and we will help you with appropriate city contacts. 

Yes, just fill in your contact info below and we will help you find contacts with a university. 

You can either fill in the contact form below, or send an email with your contact info, university, sponsor/potential sponsor and a brief project description to 

Yes. you may use more than one sponsor, e.g. a City and a local ATN/SAV vendor.

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If you are interested in participating in UIDC, or simply have a question, don´t hesitate to contact us at