Rules and Tools
The theme for Pod Car City Conference 2018 is "Planning for Autonomous Shared Mobility" and the purpose of UIDC is for student to present actual ways, benefits and ideas on how a city can work with implementing autonomous shared mobility into their city.

The city and students are obligied meet at a minimun 3 times. A start-up meeting is required for understanding oppurtunities and obsticles the city planners face in the daily planning. As well as a follow up during the project and a delivery of the finished project. The 4D model may during theese meetings be used as a tool for anaysis, communication and presentation.

Project selection
The team selects an appropriate project to work on. The team is obliged to send in a brief description of the project entry and a map of the area. We will not allow areas larger than 768x768 meters.

Please note that your project description and map will be published on the UIDC Facebookpage for all to see. Important: ALL projects must have a transportation, energy and a built environment component. The transportation component must include either a public ATN-system or a public SAV system. ATN=Automated transit Network SAV=Shared Autonomous Vehicle. You are allowed to do both if you wish. You are allowed to include other transportation systems if you wish.

You can be as many as you like in a team. We recommend 2-4 students. You cannot use more than 300 hours total of work in the team. Only students count as members of the team. You are not allowed to have any external consultant, the only exception is the staff from the City, City/County agency, local developer.  External parties such as these can be interviewed and discussed with, however they are not allowed to do either modeling or suggestions on what you put in your final report.

Training & support
Each team will receive the similar training on three days in order to have a contest on equal terms. You will all have a resource of an additional 8 hours of project support until October 15. For tech issues you are allowed to contact your UIDC manager by email at any time.
4Dialog will provide help setting up Traffic Simulations.

Intellectual Property
You will be given a personal account to login and work on your project. All information submitted to UIDC servers is automatically the intellectual property of INIST and 4Dialog. You have the right to use all
information you and your team have submitted, however you are not allowed to sell, resell or in any
other way use your work for profit unless INIST has agreed with you in writing.

Each individual MUST have access to a decent computer with a decent graphic chip in order to
participate. Our experience is that most Macs, gaming computers and other PC’s with a medium range graphic chip works fine. Please contact us if you are unsure. Also, all work is done in the cloud. You need a stable internet access with open ports to our servers. All software is free of charge.
The last day for submission is October 1, 23.59 pm CET time. The submission consist of a report, 4D-modell and a 2-3 minute video with a project presentation for the judges.

Presentation in Gävle
Teams are obliged to send one person to Gävle, Sweden to present the project. The travel as well as two nights stay is paid for although student is reqirues to take responsiblity for flight bookings. Booking should preferably be done betimes. For more information contact UIDC project manager.

The prize categories will be published on the
UIDC Facebook page,
All prize money goes to the students.

Who are the judges?

Jurists include Debbie Cook, president of the Post Carbon Institute and former mayor of Huntington Beach, CA, Einar Tufvesson, strategist in policy and research at the Swedish Transportation Authority, Jeral Poskey, transportation specialist at Google. Two more judges will be presented in early 2018.

Financial support
INIST is providing server capacity, training and support for each team. For teams and cities within Swedish borders INIST is also providing arial photograph and terrain model. INIST does not provide any financial support to any team except for one (1) two-way ticket (economy class) to and from Gavle plus two nights (shared 2 beds) hotel room. You are allowed to send as many people as you want to the conference but you will only have support for one person as stated here.

Download City Requirements PDF
Download Rules for students and University PDF