The Urban International Design Contest is a student design contest involving cities, universities, and at least one local sponsor for each city. The goal is to through student teams educate, inspire and motivate important stakeholders to design and visualize how new modes of sustainable public transit can be utilized in their urban environment. We want each team to give their best shot to show how they see their city future.
Criteria for participation
A City must participate directly or through one of its agencies.
Student participants must be in their second year of university or beyond, andcontinuing their studies in the fall of 2018. Graduate students are eligible Students must have a submission ready by October 1, 2018 that includesan ATN technology, a real future city/urban project in need of transit, a 4D simulation model, and a report.

When and where?
The UIDC starts February 6, 2018 and culminates with an award ceremony
at the 12th annual Podcar City conference, October 10-12, 2018 in Gävle and Stockholm, Sweden. Each design team will hold one or more local workshops with students trained in automated transit visualization and ATN* design. They will then submit their proposals at the International Podcar City Conference.

Who is behind this?
UIDC is headed by INIST, the US based International Institute of Sustainable Transportation in partnership with the Mineta Transportation Institute, the Advanced Transit Association and the Institute for Sustainable Transportation Sweden. All work in Europe is executed by 4Dialog AB and by Mobility e3 in North America.

Registration Cost
The registration cost is $3,500. In addition, each team must have one or more local sponsors that contribute additional monetary or in-kind resources. The money is used for student training, student registration, servers and software, and travel to the summer training camp and to the Podcar City Conference in Gävle.
Note: The UIDC organization can help in finding local sponsors.

Training Information
After approved registration the  4D model training will start with two events – first a short planning meeting in each city with students, city planners and local sponsors. The students will be trained at a summer camp either in the US or Europe for three days. Finally each city team will do one or more meeting in the fall of 2018 in their city in order to submit their contribution.

*Automated Transit Network

 Who are the judges?
A jury selected from high level European and North American policymakers,
transit specialists and business executives will be responsible for prize selection. Jurists include Debbie Cook, president of the Post Carbon Institute and former mayor of Huntington Beach, CA, Einar Tufvesson, strategist in policy and research at the Swedish Transportation Authority, Jeral Poskey, transportation specialist at Google. Two more judges will be presented in early 2018.
The prize categories will be published on March 1, 2018 on the UIDC Facebook page, www.facebook.com/UIDC2018. All prize money goes to the students.

The winners of UIDC 2017 - Sundbyberg, Jacksonville and Gävle
From left; Debbie Cook, President of the Carbon Institute, Brendon O´Malley for Jacksonville, Adeline Ekegårdh for Gävle, Josefine Berg for Sundbyberg and Jeral Poskey, transportation specialist at Google

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