The 4D training consists of 4 LAB’s and includes independent work and teacher-led sessions. Once the training is completed you can start building your own 4D model.

The time it takes to complete the training depends on the team, but you can expect 2-3 days total. Each team will receive two user accounts to the modeling software.


LAB 1: Getting started

– How to download the viewer

– How to move in the model

– How to use the bottom bar

LAB 2: Building

– How to rez (create) a prim (object)

– How to edit prims


LAB 3: Textures and colors

– How to set colors and textures

– How to upload and scale textures


LAB 4: Inventory and map

 – How to add items to the inventory and use them in the model

– How to access, or teleport to the inventory malls



(dates varies between teams)


Before you start the training you need to book training dates, either through your professor or by emailing uidc@4dialog.com. You book dates as a team. Michael will be your tutor.

Once this is done, you will download the Training PDF. In the PDF you find all 4 LAB’s.


1. Book training dates + download the Training PDF

2. Download the software + start working on the LAB’s independently. Try to finish as many as possible on your own

3. Teacher-supported training, session 1

If needed:

4. Teacher-supported training, session 2


Done! You can now start building your 4D model

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